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Welcome to Christian-Dramas.comChristian-Dramas.com gives you access to hundreds of Christian Dramas!

The material is professionally edited and usable in the context of worship. These short 3-5 minute skits are perfect for use in the context of a Sunday morning service or contemporary service. There are also longer seasonal plays for Christmas and Easter. Many themes and Biblical texts are covered. All resources are searchable by Keyword, Scripture, and Lectionary. New material is continually added!


  • Christian dramas for each Sunday.
  • Coverage of the Gospel, Epistle, and Old Testament.
  • Access to the full library of christian dramas.
  • One membership gives permission for all cast members.
  • One membership gives permission for 12 months worth of resources.

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a contemporary play by dave marsh
based on luke 2

Director's Notes: I tend to shy away from writing stuff that comes across to schmaltzy. So, when I wrote this Christmas drama I drew inspiration from the wonderful film "A Christmas Story." I thought it was funny how the kids just went nuts opening presents. Unfortunately, this is all to true in real life as we forget the real meaning of this holy day...

Wendy: Mom
John: Dad
Justin: Kid
Malory: Kid

A couch or two chairs put together
A bunch of wrapped presents for the kids (doesn't matter what)
1 wrapped 'one-size-fits-all nightgown'
1 wrapped horrible-looking tie
An empty glass of milk and some cookie pieces
Christmas tree (if available)

A family room

(LIGHTS UP CENTER STAGE where the kids come running in in their pajamas, running toward the Christmas tree and being shaking the presents.)

Kids: This is mine. Hey, this one looks like mine. I bet this one is mine. Hey, thatís mine.

(In walks Mom and Dad. They are very tired and they drag themselves to where the kids areÖ)

Dad: Okay, okay, címon now, settle down.

Mom: What time is it anyway?

Dad: (looks at watch). Itís, um, 11:30.

Mom: What?

Dad: Yeah, itís 11:30. No, wait, my watch is on upside down. Itís 5:00am! Back to bed everyone!

Kids: No. come on. Canít we open the presents now. Itís Christmas after all. Donít be a grinch, etc...

Mom: (To Dad) Bah humbug! It is Christmas after all.

Dad: (softly) I want you to know, I never did this as a kid. I was courteous and kind and let my parents wake me up.

Mom: You lived on a farm dear. They were up at 4:00am.

Dad: Doesnít matter. I just wanted to let you know that.

Mom: You tell me every year dear.

Dad: I know. Itís a tradition.

Kids: Look! Santa ate the cookies we put out! And drank all 5 glasses of milk! Hope he doesnít explode!

Dad: (holding stomach) I hope so too. (Mom elbows him).

Kids: Can we open presents now? Can we? Can we?

Mom: Yes, yes. Bring them over here and letís sort them.

Dad: Yeah, Iíll just sit over here and recover. (Mom glares at him)

The rest of this drama and many more for Christmas can be obtained by joining Christian-dramas.com today! A single membership gives you permission for all members of the cast. Click the JOIN NOW button to signup.